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Youth Guarantee Camp

Youth Guarantee Camp


Piki ake - The Workforce Development Leadership Camp for YG, Recognising potential leaders in Youth Guarantee.

Piki ake - step higher, achieve higher.

The pilot for this YG initiative was run over the last week of March.  A group of selected YG students were challenged on many different levels and as a result developed different life strategies whilst learning a lot about themselves.

Every morning started with a 6.30am wake up call, and a 3-5km run.  Students learned basic first aid and bush craft skills, leadership styles, how to build a kontiki and also orienteering theory & scenarios.

They cooked and cleaned for themselves, practised their problem-solving techniques, worked as a team and were kept busy and engaged until at least 10 o'clock at night.

Long days, no cell phone coverage or WIFI, no junk food or energy drinks and lots of fresh air and sunlight.... Most youth quiver in fear at the mere thought, however, these proved to be perfect contributors towards making this initiative a success.

Celebrating Matariki

Celebrating Matariki


Rubi-Lin Kita(pictured) has just completed her Early Childhood Education Level 4. Congratulations. On top of that Ruby has created this  beautiful piece of artwork to celebrate Matariki. You can view this picture and others now at the Onehunga Community Centre