New Licence Controller Qualification

COVID-19: During the national lock-down, only tutor-led online courses are available

Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ)

The LCQ is the legal qualification everyone must have before applying for a manager’s certificate.  This training provides the foundation knowledge to work legally in an alcohol-related business.

  • $250 pp
  • 7-hours (one-day)
  • US 4646 & 16705

LCQ Refresher

Need to do an LCQ refresher? This course is for anyone whose LCQ certificate was issued more than 18-months ago. An LCQ certificate must be dated to show the knowledge gained is ‘recent and relevant’. ‘Recent’ is interpreted as within 18 months.

  • $200 pp
  • 7-hours (one-day)
  • US 4646 & 16705 refreshed