Success Stories


We help hundreds of students every year as they take the courageous step towards developing their skills and knowledge, and ultimately finding employment in New Zealand.

“This course was very well delivered and understandable, and really enjoyable.”

Danielle is one of many New Zealanders who have completed their LCQ training with Hospitality Management Consultants and Workforce Development. Other feedback from students echoes Danielle’s with comments such as, “really informative and interesting”, “easy to understand” and that the course was “thought-provoking and eye-opening”

“I did not realise how important learning was to my future, but now I am given that chance again to learn. Thank you.”

Ali took part in a Workforce Development Workplace Literacy & Numeracy Training programme while working at WineWorks in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand’s largest contract wine bottling facility. WineWorks contracted Workforce Development to deliver the training with funding from the Tertiary Education Commission. Workforce worked collaboratively with WineWorks to develop a training programme that met their staff needs. The training included a mix of small group and one-to-one sessions to ensure each team member flourished on their learning journey. The programme was a great success with increased staff productivity and morale, and improved health and safety. Many staff have gone on to high-level training and positions of greater responsibility.

“Workforce Development has given me another opportunity to better myself”.

Joedeci is on the Pathway to a Career in Hospitality programme in Hawke’s Bay. He’s found the small class sizes and one-on-one teacher time has really helped him learn. Joedeci says he’s more focused at Workforce Development than he was at school; with less distractions and hands-on learning he’s really enjoying studying.

“Studying with Workforce Development is one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Kate is working towards her Certificate in Early Childhood Education and is loving her time at Workforce. It was after meeting her tutor at the start of the course that she knew she had made the right choice. She finds the staff to be friendly, welcoming and always available to help when she needs it. Kate is confident that she’s made a great decision to go into Early Childhood and can’t wait to move to the next stage in her education and new career.