Dr. Aaron Smith

Managing Director

About Dr. Aaron Smith

With a diverse background including six years in hospitality, a stint in IT, teaching in NZ and overseas, presenting programmes for the Centre of Continuing Education and the Auckland Domain Museum for many years, a Masters in Archaeology and a PhD in Egyptology, Aaron has a passion for working with communities in Aotearoa and abroad. His dream is to develop and implement fit-for-purpose education programmes which empower learners, grow that which is already within them, and weave this altogether to enable them to achieve their goals and passions. Involved in educational leadership ventures for many years, Aaron was responsible for opening the first school-based Trade Academy under the Youth Guarantee initiative, and has worked on Tertiary Education Needs Strategies. He is also a strong proponent of MIT’s Centre for Multiple Pathways. An alma-mater of the University of Auckland, Aaron also lectured at the university for several years. Aaron served as CEO of Workforce Development from 2012 – 2017 and has been a co-owner of the company since 2017.