Hemi Wickliffe

Company Kaumātua

About Hemi Wickliffe

I te timatanga ko te kupu
Ko te Atua te kupu
I te Atua ano taua kupu I te timatanga.

Matua Hemi has a background in Maori radio, Maori performing arts, and teaching. Matua Hemi was raised by his elders, who instructed him in the traditions of his people. He has a passion for teaching our next generations in traditional Maori arts, such as tāniko weaving, tukutuku weaving, traditional Maori carving and performing arts.

As company Kaumatua, Matua Hemi holds the responsibility of being an adviser on cultural matters and to serve as a support person for all Workforce development staff and students. It was Matua Hemi who gave Workforce Development its Maori name: “Nga Whiringa Whanake Mahi.” His explanation for this name is simple “Weaving together that which grows in each of us.”

Hemi is a minister of the Anglican Church, a Kaikorero (Orator) for Pukemokimoki Marae and works alongside Hawkes Bay Police in a cultural support role, as well as being Kapahaka tutor at Marewa School.

Kia tau ki a koutou te Manaakitanga a te Atua.